Major oil & gas companies: research, operations support, reservoir characterization
Technology/Oilfield services: geologic and microseismic interpretation, stress and failure analysis
Federal government: research, resource assessments, site characterization, compartive studies, international work
verb [con-FRAK-tus]

break up/down/in pieces/in two

(Latin: past participle of frangere to break)

Monterey FM near Lake Nacemento


Specialty consuting:: structural geology, fracture analysis, software development and testing

Teaching and training: specialty industry short courses, student courses, tech transfer, professional society outreach

Confractus, Inc. is a consulting company based in Los Angeles County, California USA.

Confractus, Inc. was founded to provide high-quality fracture characterization, fracture mechanics, structural geology, and microseismic mapping interpretation to the energy industry, including hydrocarbon and geothermal energy sources, as well as to provide assessments of geological risk. Confractus Inc. is strongly dedicated to raising scientific understanding for all stakeholders in its activities in order to enable all parties to make informed decisions from the results of our work.

Our mission is to effectively utilize all resources available, whether they be informational, measured and observational, physical or human, to provide the highest-quality optimal solution to the problem at hand that includes a commitment to environmental stewardship.