Sherilyn Williams-Stroud brings over 25 years of experience in fracture analysis to Confractus, Inc., having completed numerous projects in fracture modeling, reservoir stress and strain analysis, structural geology analsysis, and rock fracture mechanics with applications to oil and gas exploration and production in conventional and unconventional reservoirs. 

Project Types Completed - Examples

  • Stress tensor modeling using microseismic source mechanisms, regional and local geology and wellbore data, Appalachian Basin, Texas, and Louisiana, USA, Alberta, CA
  • Stimulation effectivness evaluation using microseismic data in Permian Basin, TX and NM, and Eagle Ford Shale, TX.
  • Estimation of connected fracture networks after hydraulic stimulation and fracture modeling to generate reservoir fracture flow properties, Williston Basin, Permian and Midland Basins, and Gulf Coast, USA
  • Fracture characterization of Jurassic carbonate reservoirs in Arabian Plateau using structural analysis, restoration, and stress analysis to generate reservoir fracture propertiesStatistical curvature analysis of dipmeter data in complex structural regimes to reduce uncertaintly in geologic interpretation of low-quality seismic data, San Joaquin Basin, USA
  • Wellbore data analysis of fractures and reservoir quality to support infill or new drilling locations, San Joaquin Basin, USA, Central America and the Caribbean
  • Structural restoration and strain modeling to generate fracture properties for exploration prospects
  • Fracture and fault mapping and characterization of surface geology, tunnel exposures, and well bore data - Yucca Mountain Project, Nevada, USA
  • Analysis of fracture geometry using core and  CT scans of core to generate fracture volumes for reservoir characterization, Williston Basin and San Joaquin Basin, USA, and Kazakhstan 

Contoured poles to fracture plane
MS events and fractures intersecting wellbore